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A Free Course Critical Thinking!

Gregory Sadler presents a 24-lecture course on “Critical Thinking”–something the world could always use more of. Presented at Fayetteville State University, the course features lectures on topics like Deductive and Inductive Arguments, Fallacies,... Read More

A Gem for the New Year

It’s funny how we can find gems in the most random of places. Taking a break from my work, I was sipping some tea and watching a random YouTube video... Read More

Getting Real About Binaural Beats

When I study on the train I like to listen to nature sounds, subtle white noise, or certain binaural beat tracks to filter the disruptive sounds of my fellow commuters... Read More

Does Splashing Water on Your Face Really Calm You Down?

Ever watch a movie where someone splashes water on their face to calm down? Turns out there really is something to that! It’s common knowledge that certain breathing exercises will... Read More