It’s funny how we can find gems in the most random of places. Taking a break from my work, I was sipping some tea and watching a random YouTube video about daily life in Japan (I love candid looks into various cultures) by a vlogger named LoveLyzKelly. This is not a channel I subscribe to or know much about, but she said something which spoke to me and I wanted to share it with you…

“This year I learned you don’t need the New Year to come around to start working on yourself. To start planning out your goals and turning them into reality.  Tell yourself you’ll start today and do one thing to move yourself toward the life you always wanted.”

This resonates so fully with where I come from as a coach.  While working with my clients, they begin to clarify their goals and dreams and we will invariantly shift into how to bring them closer to that reality.  Sometimes this requires a big step, but all too often that journey begins with “smaller” steps. Actually, I am hesitant to call ~any~ step forward “small” since anything that moves you closer to your vision is powerful!

If you made a resolution for the new year, be specific since it’s difficult to reach for something vague, then jot down what you would need to do right now to get started.  I know I can easily feel overwhelmed when I look at some of the big plans I am aspiring to, and the reality is I am not going to get there in one step.  The path to the change you want starts with that first step, so why not focus on that?  That “perfect time” will never come.  The “if only” lamentation is not serving you.  All you have is now.  If you are having trouble moving forward, this is where coaching comes in.

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